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The Social Organization of Australian Tribes, by A.R. Radcliffe-Brown, 1931 (898)

systems section subsection australia kariera type kinship subsections aranda aroi anewan kumbaingeri kabi note transcription produced automatic engine radcliffe social organization australian course different relatives the kariera father’s father mother’s term sister mother brother kinds male second lines descent belongs in first female classified chart terms relationship number dren certain existence son’s woman brother’s daughter marriage marries relative women cousins daughter’s mother’s brother’s sister’s the tribes marry parts wife of the area river northern east south ales estern coast north probably obtain eastern near wales apparently queensland rule cross related clan throughout coastal named divisions described sections contains called shown groups follows son son’s patr ineal matr moieties belong daughter’ it persons divided clear kind these totemic clans personal mathews aborigines journal howitt this ongaibon names language kambu feminine ipatha butha kabitha ipai moiety brown snake totem kangaroo late information evidence local increase rites species totems includes having royal notes native unpublished field group arrangement reliable eaglehawk hawk region horde totemism kattang yukum yagara mathew