Photographs from Elkin 1954

Collection(s) Australian Aboriginal Picture Library
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ID ODSAS set 10
Author(s) Elkin, Adolphus Peter
IdRef IdRef: 033288682
Owner Laurent Dousset
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Year/Period 1954
Publisher ODSAS
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Abstract Pictures digitized from A.P. Elkin's, The Australian Aborigines : how to understand them, 1954 ...
Object typology Photographs/Pictures / Artwork

Table of Contents
Rank (id)Author(s) Year/Period Title Identification Location Language(s)
2254 Wagaitj lad with fishering spear Page : 14Australia English (eng)
2253 Aboriginal tribal elder and ceremonial headman Page : 0Australia English (eng)
2257 Arnhem Lander Page : 32Australia, Arnhem Land English (eng)
2255 Aboriginal types Page : 15Australia English (eng)
2258 Paddling a dugout canoe. Saild rolled up. North Coast Page : 63Australia English (eng)
2261 Camp life, Musgrave Ranges. North-Western South Australia Page : 78Australia, South Australia, Musgrave Ranges English (eng)
2259 North-east Arnhem-Lander with Malay-type pipe Page : 64Australia, Arnhem Land English (eng)
2260 Mother and child. Bathurst Island Page : 77Australia, Bathurst Island English (eng)
2263 Man dragging a spear between his toes Page : 112 English (eng)
2262 Making spear-point by pressure-flaking, string made of fibre or baobab root. Northern Kimberley -- Native hut built of saplings, grass and mud. North Eastern South Australia Page : 111Australia, Northern Kimberley & North-Western South Australia English (eng)
2264 A family, Bathurst Island -- Mand and two wives with bark "carry-alls". Northern Kimberley Page : 127Australia, Bathurst Island, Northern Kimberley English (eng)
2265 Group decorated for teh circumcision ceremonies. Sunday Isalnd. North Western Australia (The novice's guardian is on his right) -- Two lads excluded from camp during the period of initiation. Central Australia Page : 128Australia, Sunday Island & Central Australia English (eng)
2266 Historical ceremony, kangaroo totem, Musgrave Ranges. North-Western South Australia -- Singing about the mythological heroes. Secret engraved boards symbolize their activities. Lagrange district, North-Western Australia Page : 159Australia, South Australia, Musgrave Ranges & Lagrange disctrict, North Western Australia English (eng)
2267 Secret increase site, Mosquito totem. Yantruwanta Tribe. South-Western Queensland -- Preparing for the Molonga ceremony at Horeshoe bend. Central Australia (This ceremony spread from Western Queensland to the Bight and also around Lake Eyre to Centra Page : 160Australia, Queensland & Horseshoe bend, Central Australia English (eng)
2268 Rock shelter painting associated with the clan hero, the increase of natural species, and with "burial". Northern Kimberley -- Bark-painting. Songman and didjeridu player. Western Arnhem Land Page : 175Australia, Northern Kimberley & Western Arnhem Land English (eng)
2269 Carved wooden figures of mythological persons. North-Eastern Arnhem Land Page : 176Australia, Arnhem Land (north-eastern) English (eng)
2270 Bark-painting: Macassan Prahu. North-eastern Arnhem Land Page : 207Australia, Arnhem Land (north-eastern) English (eng)
2271 Scenes from peace-making ceremony. Points removed from spears. North-eastern Arnhem Land Page : 208Australia, Arnhem Land (north-eastern) English (eng)
2272 Watchers at burial mound. Men will sing the songs of deceased's ceremonial totem. North-Eastern South Australia -- Tree-stage burial. North Western Australia (Inquest-stones underneath) Page : 222Australia, South Australia (north-eastern) & North-Western Australia English (eng)
2273 Bone-pointing, Central Australia -- Painting-up in pipe-clay: Initiation ritual. Southern Arnhem Land Page : 233Australia, Central Australia & Arnhem Land (southern) English (eng)
2274 Preparing coffin for bones. Goulburn Island Page : 255Australia, Goulburn Island English (eng)
2275 Mission girls "dancing" at burial ritual, Goulburn Island -- Basket-making on a mission: A native craft Page : 256Australia, Goulburn Island English (eng)
2276 Missionary addressing Bathurst Islanders -- The Anthropologist learns. Far North-eastern Arnhem Land Page : 271Australia, Bathurst Island & Arnhem Land (noth-eastern) English (eng)
2277 Facing the future Page : 272Australia English (eng)