ODSAS Guidelines and Utilities

Please note, ODSAS and the Handbooks are work in progress. Check regularily if a new version is available.

Handbooks, Recommendations and Guides

ODSAS User Handbook v. 3
This handbook contains instructions for users and owners of archival collections on ODSAS version 3. It discusses how you manage your collections, give different kinds of access and work rights to different users, manipulate and annotate files and objects, link objects semantically etc. Version 3.4 January 2015
updated 21 September 2023.
ODSAS Digitization Handbook This handbook offers recommendations on digitizing image, sound and movie files as well as on organizing physically collections and sets, as well as adapting files for webhosting. While instructions and recommendations are adapted to the ODSAS platform, this handbook may be useful to other people more generally. Version 1.1 Mai 2012
updated 21 September 2023.

Scripts and applications

Convert-Resize for Mac OSX This Automator script application converts a group of image files into another file type and resizes all the images to a given pixel size or percentage of the original image. Tested on Mac OSX 10.6.8 Mac OSX
Version 1
June 2012