Collection(s) Archives de chercheurs: Alexandre François, Carnets de terrain / Field notes - Vanuatu
(id: collection 49)

ID ODSAS set 1093
Author(s) François, Alexandre
Owner Alexandre François
Year/Period 2000-09-17 + 2001-08-12
Publisher ODSAS
Access restricted
Number 7 Object(s)
Abstract Lg: Mwotlap (Banks). Investigation carried out in France with Edgar Howard (2000) & Raule Woleg (2001).
Object typology Field books / Manuscript
Language(s) mlv

Table of Contents
Rank (id)Author(s) Year/Period Title Identification Location Language(s)
104657 Mwotlap (mlv)
104658 Mwotlap (mlv)
104659 Mwotlap (mlv)
104660 Mwotlap (mlv)
104661 Mwotlap (mlv)
104662 Mwotlap (mlv)
104663 Mwotlap (mlv)