Slides of objects

Collection(s) Archives de chercheurs: Karel Kupka Archival Files
(id: collection 1)

ID ODSAS set 3
Author(s) Kupka, Karel
Owner Laurent Dousset, Jessica De Largy Healy, Judith Hannoun
URI /set/3
Year/Period 2007
Publisher ODSAS
Access restricted
Number 23 Object(s)
Abstract Slides of bark paintings and objects. Australia, Arnhem Land. Some slides have very strong purple coloration, possibly from bad storage. ...
Object typology Photographs/Pictures / Artwork
Language(s) eng

Table of Contents
Rank (id)Author(s) Year/Period Title Identification Location Language(s)
134 Fish English (eng)
135 Crocodile English (eng)
136 Figure English (eng)
137 English (eng)
138 Bark painting / écorce English (eng)
139 Bark painting / écorce English (eng)
140 Birds English (eng)
141 Bark painting / écorce / Hunting party English (eng)
142 Bark painting / écorce English (eng)
143 Bark painting / écorce English (eng)
144 English (eng)
145 English (eng)
146 English (eng)
147 English (eng)
148 English (eng)
149 English (eng)
6027 English (eng)
6028 English (eng)
6029 English (eng)
6030 English (eng)
6031 English (eng)
6032 English (eng)
6033 English (eng)