Fieldwork 1980: Sandy Paddy Japaljarri

Collection(s) Archives de chercheurs: Barbara Glowczewski (id: collection 28)
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Author(s) Glowczewski, Barbara
IdRef IdRef: 02689453X
Owner Judith Hannoun, Barbara Glowczewski
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Year/Period 1980
Publisher ODSAS
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Abstract Visiting Warlpiri people with French artist Michel Potage who made a series of paintings in hommage to Aboriginal people, Abie Jangala and Jimmy Burns Jangala, and the Tent Embassy (Galerie Donguy, Paris 1982, see catalog Rires dans le désert/Laughi ...
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84922 Michel Potage1980Travelling with Sandy Jarra Japaljarri Tanami desert, Central Australia English (eng)