Marrkilyi Ellis

Autobiography by a Ngaatjatjarra woman (sound recording 2005)

Collection(s) Archives de chercheurs: Laurent Dousset: Aborigines of the Australian Western Desert / Aborigènes du Désert de l'Ouest Australien
(id: collection 18)

ID ODSAS set 853
Author(s) Dousset, Laurent
IdRef IdRef: 116045418
Author(s) Ellis, Marrkilyi
IdRef IdRef: 235494917
Owner Laurent Dousset
URI /set/853
Year/Period 2005
Publisher ODSAS
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Number 334 Object(s)
Abstract 945 minutes of recording of an interview with an Australian Western Desert woman recalling the first years of contact with the Western world, her schooling, professional and ritual life, her family life etc. ...
Object typology Photographs/Pictures / Artwork
Language(s) eng, ntj