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The Yams from Waputarli and Yumurrpa
by Yulyulu Lorna Napurrurla, Lajamanu, 1984
translated from Warlpiri with Barbara Gibson Nakamarra (1984, 1995) and edited for the CD-ROM Dream trackers (UNESCO, 2000) by Barbara Glowczewski

Waputarli got a snake.
In Yumurrpa, too, there is a big snake...
wiyarrpa, ngarlajiyi nyinaja Jukurrpa
Poor one, Yam Dreaming was sitting there. He went underground in Waputarli.

Yarla, Puurda, the big yam and wapirti, the little Yam fought each other.

see  file 70079 for Yawulyu songs

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  • Speaker: Lorna Napurrurla (general notes)
  • Subject: Yumurrpa (Cave Well), Wapurtali (Mt Singleton) (general notes)

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  • Movie(s) ID 70075 The yams from Waputarli and Yumurrpa
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    Layer Subject: Yumurrpa (Cave Well), Wapurtali (Mt Singleton)
    Type general notes
    Owner Mary Laughren

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