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Films (16mm) by Barbara Glowczewski, 1979, Lajamanu, Australia (596)

kurdiji initiation ceremony desert free making shield tony japaljarri gibson wooden wives barbara nakamarra napanangka daughter necklace wife denise napangardi robertson engrave father yawulyu warlpiri camp lajamanu central australia marlulu cycle witi dances women's kajirri paint sacred yukurrukurru western law the kajirrijarra ceremony   kajirri young men's second initiation   in teenagers kajirri  secret business transforms punyunyu boys malyarra initiated months stayed seclusion bush care elders mothers aunties women danced night times community dren heads coming   during roads closed travel allowed finally nights crying ancestral spent time ring place mangaya sticks embody dreaming ancestors buried ground called kankarlu released fathers decorated gifts hairstrings cloths massaged embraced sons gave damper took shared brothers cross cultural exchange   witnessed lasted group thirty kurintji daguragu wave yuendumu travelled ritual convoy docker river south land pitjantjatjara 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