Jablonko Maring 1964 103

Collection(s) Allison Jablonko: Maring of Papua New Guinea (id: collection 44)
ID ODSAS set 1063
Author(s) Jablonko, Allison
IdRef IdRef: 078593794
Author(s) Jablonko, Marek
IdRef IdRef: 078593948
Owner Allison Jablonko
URI /set/1063
Year/Period 1964
Publisher ODSAS
Access restricted
Number 22 Object(s)
Abstract ...
Object typology Photographs/Pictures / Artwork
Language(s) eng

Table of Contents
Rank (id)Author(s) Year/Period Title Identification Location Language(s)
103490 Simbai Patrol Post: the road from the kiap's house eastward to the office and the airstrip, flanked by casuarina trees. English (eng)
103491 English (eng)
103492 English (eng)
103493 English (eng)
103494 English (eng)
103495 English (eng)
103496 English (eng)
103497 English (eng)
103498 English (eng)
103499 English (eng)
103500 English (eng)
103501 English (eng)
103502 English (eng)
103503 English (eng)
103504 English (eng)
103505 English (eng)
103506 English (eng)
103507 English (eng)
103508 English (eng)
103509 English (eng)
103510 English (eng)
103511 The Patrol Officer (Gavin Carter), the miner (Jim McKinnon), the missionary (Father Peter Robin), and the Kalam elder. English (eng)