Collection(s) The Fison and Howitt collection (id: collection 64)
ID ODSAS set 1761
Author(s) Fison, Lorimer
IdRef IdRef: 098253697
Author(s) Howitt, Alfred William
IdRef IdRef: 03387686X
Owner Laurent Dousset, Patrick McConvell, Rachel Hendery
URI /set/1761
Year/Period 1872-1873
Publisher ODSAS
Access restricted
Number 11 Object(s)
Abstract ...
Object typology Letters / Letter

Table of Contents
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189323 English (eng)
189324 English (eng)
189325 English (eng)
189326 English (eng)
189327 English (eng)
189328 English (eng)
189329 English (eng)
189330 English (eng)
189331 English (eng)
189332 English (eng)
189333 English (eng)