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Collection(s) Archives de chercheurs: Karel Kupka Archival Files (id: collection 1)
ID ODSAS set 1896
Author(s) Kupka, Karel
IdRef IdRef: 192416588
Owner Laurent Dousset, Pascale Bonnemère, Jessica De Largy Healy
URI /set/1896
Year/Period 1965-02
Publisher ODSAS
Access restricted
Number 8 Object(s)
Abstract Abor. Art and Mythology, in Natural History, New York, LXXIX, N°2, Feb. 1965 ...
Object typology Photographs/Pictures / Artwork

Table of Contents
Rank (id)Author(s) Year/Period Title Identification Location Language(s)
195953 English (eng)
195954 English (eng)
195955 English (eng)
195956 English (eng)
195957 English (eng)
195958 English (eng)
195959 English (eng)
195960 English (eng)