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Collection(s) Archives de chercheurs: Karel Kupka Archival Files
(id: collection 1)

ID ODSAS set 2
Author(s) Kupka, Karel
Owner Laurent Dousset, Jessica De Largy Healy, Judith Hannoun
URI /set/2
Year/Period 2007
Publisher ODSAS
Access restricted
Number 22 Object(s)
Abstract Descriptive cards with photographs of objects. The objects are briefly described. These cards obviously were intended for the Ethnographic Museum of Basel ...
Object typology Photographs/Pictures / Artwork
Language(s) eng

Table of Contents
Rank (id)Author(s) Year/Period Title Identification Location Language(s)
112 Karel Kupka / Dainganggan (Gupapuyngu)1959Bark painting / ├ęcorce / nuages Australia, Arnhem Land, Milingimbi English (eng)
113 Karel Kupka, Oldman (Oliveri)1908Tjurunga (Tjuringa) No : VA 62Australie, Central, Aranda, Arrernte English (eng)
114 Karel Kupka / P.G. Black1903Shield / bouclier No : VA 1Queensland, Johnstone River English (eng)
115 Karel Kupka / Oldman (Oliveri)1908Tjurunga (Tjuringa) No : VA 58Australie, Central, Aranda, Arrernte English (eng)
116 English (eng)
117 Dainganggan (Gupapuyngu, Yirrkala)1959Bark painting / écorce No : VA 1160Australia, Arnhem Land, Milingimbi English (eng)
118 Karel Kupka / Ed. Handschin1931Bark painting / écorce No : VA 356Australia, Arnhem Land, Melville Bay English (eng)
119 Bark painting, kangaroo English (eng)
120 Arnhem Land, Rindermalerei No : VA 1137 English (eng)
121 Boomerang No : VA 30 English (eng)
122 Bois sculpté peint No : VA 1139Yirrkala English (eng)
123 Pfahlplastik, weibliche Figur No : VA 1139Yirrkala English (eng)
124 Sacred rock Jalwulbulw No : VA 1138 English (eng)
125 Rindermalerei No : VA 1138 English (eng)
126 Aranda, Tjurunga (Tjuringa) No : VA 62Australie Centrale, Aranda English (eng)
127 1904Kadaitja (Kurdaitcha) / chaussons de plumes d'émeu No : VA 27South Australia English (eng)
128 1904Boomerang No : VA 30 English (eng)
129 Bark painting / peinture sur écorce No : VA 526Arnhem Land English (eng)
130 1904Boomerang No : VA 29 English (eng)
131 Tête de hache en pierre No : VA 43Queensland English (eng)
132 1931Totemstein / pierre totémique No : V 370Arnhem Land English (eng)
133 1903 No : VA 2Cape York, Queensland English (eng)