Tourist Board_Slides_Postcards

Collection(s) Owen, Chris WORK (id: collection 77)
ID ODSAS set 2895
Author(s) Owen, Chris
Owner Pascale Bonnemère
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Publisher ODSAS
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Number 21 Object(s)
Abstract Digitised slides of postcards from the Tourist board ...
Object typology Photographs/Pictures / Artwork

Table of Contents
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279966 English (eng)
279971 English (eng)
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279986 English (eng)
279967 Tourist Board?Recent because text too clear?A Koiari people tree house. Detail of a poster found on Internet Sogeri Plateau. Papua New Guinea English (eng)
279972 English (eng)
279977 English (eng)
279982 English (eng)
279969 English (eng)
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