Tourist Board_Slides_Flyers

Collection(s) Owen, Chris WORK (id: collection 77)
ID ODSAS set 2901
Author(s) Owen, Chris
Owner Pascale Bonnemère
URI /set/2901
Year/Period 1974
Publisher ODSAS
Access restricted
Number 23 Object(s)
Abstract Digitised slides of photos used in Tourist Board flyers ...
Object typology Photographs/Pictures / Artwork

Table of Contents
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280057 1972? (processed in July 1974)Inscription on the stela: CAPT. AGOSTINO STALIO WHO WAS SHOT BY THE NATIVES OF THE FAEO ISLANDS, WHILE BRAVELY ASSISTING THE IMPERIAL JUDGE, TO ARREST THE KING AND HIS SON FOR THE MASSACRE OF JOHN COE ––– BORN AT DALMATIA. DEC 1854. KILLED AT FAEO ISLANDS 2ND SEPT 1892 ––– Oh! for the touch of a benished bend. And the sound of a boiee ? that is still –––– THIS STONE IS ERECTED AS A MARK OF ESTEEM BY HIS MANY FRIENDS IN THE BISMARCK ARCHIPELAGO Bismarck Archipelago (probably New Britain) English (eng)
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